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Business security systems in Hillsborough, Florida is a serious matter regardless of your industry. If you are not actively monitoring your property’s interior and exterior or if you are unhappy with your current surveillance system and service, now is the time to schedule CCTV installation service in Sunrise Florida with Night Hawk Monitoring. We take a unique approach to meeting our clients’ needs for security cameras installation service and monitoring to elevate business security in a truly cost-effective manner. 

The Importance of Surveillance Systems in Florida Businesses

Whether you run an auto dealership, a construction business, a warehouse facility or any other type of business in Hillsborough, Florida, you cannot take chances with business security. Property-related crimes vandalism, theft and more can result in significant financial loss. Property damage, lost inventory and even lost sales can result. These and other crimes can be inside jobs or the result of intruders’ activities. After security cameras installation, our monitored surveillance team in Florida keeps eyes on the building and its perimeter around-the-clock or as scheduled based on your needs. 

Security cameras installation and ongoing surveillance can deter criminal activity. It can also keep your employees on their toes so that they perform as expected. You may enjoy lower property and business insurance rates in Hillsborough Florida after CCTV installation service is completed and your property is being monitored. Through property surveillance after CCTV installation service, you can even be notified about serious maintenance concerns as soon as possible, such as a ruptured pipe. The alternative to CCTV installation and live monitoring is to maintain a live security presence on the property. This can cost a small fortune, and this expense may not be necessary because surveillance from Night Hawk Monitoring is truly cost-effective solution for your business security and needs.

Quality Business Security Systems That Deliver Results

If you contact other companies that offer CCTV installation and surveillance service in Hillsborough Florida, you will quickly learn that most companies use motion-activated monitoring after security cameras installation service is completed. This means that the surveillance cameras are not monitored unless they pick up motion. At Night Hawk Monitoring, we utilize live remote surveillance monitoring to elevate business security for our valued clients. After the CCTV installation is completed, our experienced team will keep an eagle eye trained on the feed from your property. Our team is comprised of former law enforcement officers, security professionals and others with experience in the field. 

Professional Security Cameras Installation

When you schedule security cameras installation for your Hillsborough, Florida business with Night Hawk Monitoring, we will create a business security plan that is tailored specifically for your property and for your business’s needs. Our CCTV installation experts can place high-definition cameras in carefully selected locations throughout the interior and exterior of the property. These may cover entry and exit points, inventory storage areas and other critical areas. As part of the security cameras installation service, we will help you to select the right equipment for your needs and budget. Given the incredible financial benefits associated with security cameras installation for Sunrise Florida businesses, you can feel confident that the installation cost will more than pay for itself within a short period of time. 

Ongoing Monitoring Service for Your Business Security System

Security cameras installation is only the beginning of the services that Night Hawk Monitoring offers. With some CCTV installation services, the business is on its own to monitor the footage. In many cases, the surveillance footage is recorded and may not be reviewed unless a crime is suspected. Because of this, some crimes may go undetected altogether. The full benefits of security cameras installation service are not realized with this approach toward monitoring.

Features to Look for in Security Cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras are the two general types. The main difference between the equipment is that outdoor cameras usually have a protective coating that allows them to withstand dust, rain, sun and other weather for years. Because of that, outdoor security cameras are generally more expensive than their indoor counterparts. Despite that, they’re well worth the investment.

Within these two categories are many varieties of security cameras: wired and wireless, AC-powered and battery-powered, and doorbell and floodlight cameras. The type of surveillance equipment that you choose for your business will depend on your specific needs. However, there are several features that you should look for no matter which security cameras that you install:

  • Accessible storage.
  • Full high-definition video quality security cameras
  • Motion-activated alerts and recording.
  • Night vision security cameras
  • Pan-tilt capabilities or wide-angle lenses.
  • Sound detection.

If you get indoor security cameras, also consider equipment that has geofencing and scheduling. Geofencing uses your smartphone location to turn on the cameras when you arrive and turn them off when you leave. Two-way talk could be a beneficial feature for your security cameras as well.

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At Night Hawk Monitoring, we offer several monitoring services for the surveillance system that we install. Our monitoring services extend to gate access surveillance systems. While CCTV installation is the first step to take to keep eyes on your property, you may need to restrict access to all or parts of the building. Our business security services extend to providing live support for all gates or secured access points throughout the property. This elevates business security without the need to pay for live access attendants. In the event that any unusual activity is identified, our Hillsborough, Florida surveillance monitoring team will immediately notify authorities. 

A Closer Look at Night Hawk Monitoring’s Services

CCTV installation is most cost-effective when the monitoring service can be tailored to meet your needs. Do you need someone to keep an eye on your business overnight and on the weekends? Do you prefer 24-hour surveillance? Just as our CCTV installation services will be tailored to fit your company’s needs and budget, we also enable complete customization of our monitoring services. Because our business security solution keeps eyes on your Hillsborough, Florida business when you need it, we enable you to be proactive about potential criminal activities on your property rather than only being reactive. 

Once the security cameras installation work is completed by our experienced technicians, our real-time business security monitoring service can be backed up by on-site and off-site recordings. Our customers who request CCTV installation service do not want to take any chances with property security, and our dual approach to maintaining copies of the footage ensures that the footage can always be reviewed at a later date as well as in real-time by our team.

Tailored Solutions That Meet Your Business’s Unique Needs

At Night Hawk Monitoring, we want you to maximum the benefits of security cameras installation service so that the need for live security is eliminated. We know that some Hillsborough Florida businesses have live security professionals who perform multiple functions. For example, business security professionals may log when deliveries are made or when shipments are picked up. Once CCTV installation is completed on your property, our surveillance team can serve a dual role through our reporting services. Our business security team can create customized reports that keep you updated about happenings on your property. 

Hillsborough Security Cameras

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Is security cameras installation the right business security solution for your Hillsborough, Florida business? We are available to provide you with a customized quote for CCTV installation service upon request. When you contact us for details about security cameras installation service, we can also provide you with a customized quote for monitoring services for Florida businesses. Our CCTV installation and monitoring services are available throughout Florida. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for security cameras installation and monitoring.

Night Hawk Monitoring in Hillsborough, Florida provides commercial security camera systems solutions for businesses and residential communities.  We work with authorized CCTV dealers and security camera installation companies all around the United States, making the process of installing a powerful and effective security system simple and affordable.  The cost of CCTV surveillance systems pays for itself in no time at all and our monthly remote video monitoring packages are fairly priced and again, well worth the investment.

Once your new security system is up and running, our experienced team of technicians will consistently keep your business secure while also preventing theft from insiders using our real time security monitoring services. Installing multiple security cameras throughout your property (and live bodies carefully and diligently monitoring all cameras 24/7) will also ensure employee safety.

HD Video Surveillance systems in the workplace offer many more benefits to employers than just security. Employee conduct will improve with the knowledge “that someone is always watching”.  Those working in warehouses with shipping and receiving areas will appreciate the “extra eyes” as burglaries are common in distribution departments.

Night Hawk Monitoring will make the process of your security camera system installation easy. And we will continue providing your company with reliable, non-stop surveillance monitoring services all year long. Call 844-255-5903 or contact us online to find out how you can begin protecting your business or other property.

Protecting Your Business With Security Cameras

Installing video surveillance and security cameras for your business can deter theft and crime. Whether you have indoor, outdoor or both types of surveillance, employees and customers will be less tempted to steal or vandalize your property when they see the surveillance. If they commit a crime anyway, your security cameras can record the footage so that you have evidence of their crimes.

Additionally, security cameras let you monitor the day-to-day operations and activities of your workers and visitors. This benefit is particularly useful if you have multiple locations because you can’t be at all of them at the same time. With security cameras, you can see what’s happening at each location no matter where you are.

Furthermore, having security cameras installed gives your insurance company peace of mind because the footage can be used as evidence in the event of an incident. As a result, your insurer will likely give you discounts on your premium for having security cameras.

Get Assistance Choosing Surveillance for Your Business

Are you still unsure about which security cameras to get for your business? Talk to the professionals at Nighthawk Monitoring. We can help you navigate the options and choose optimal protection for your property.

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