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Night Hawk Monitoring in Boca Raton, Florida provides commercial security camera systems solutions for businesses and residential communities.  We work with authorized CCTV dealers and security camera installation companies all around the United States, making the process of installing a powerful and effective security system simple and affordable.  The cost of CCTV surveillance systems pays for itself in no time at all and our monthly remote video monitoring packages are fairly priced and again, well worth the investment.

Once your new security system is up and running, our experienced team of technicians will consistently keep your business secure while also preventing theft from insiders using our real time security monitoring services. Installing multiple security cameras throughout your property (and live bodies carefully and diligently monitoring all cameras 24/7) will also ensure employee safety.

HD Video Surveillance systems in the workplace offer many more benefits to employers than just security. Employee conduct will improve with the knowledge “that someone is always watching”.  Those working in warehouses with shipping and receiving areas will appreciate the “extra eyes” as burglaries are common in distribution departments.

Night Hawk Monitoring will make the process of your security camera system installation easy. And we will continue providing your company with reliable, non-stop surveillance monitoring services all year long. Call 844-255-5903 or contact us online to find out how you can begin protecting your business or other property.

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