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“Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Night Hawk Monitoring is a company that specializes in remote video surveillance. We will install and monitor CCTV security systems on your property from a remote location via the Internet. With real-time security monitoring, Night Hawk Monitoring is able to secure your entire property without the use of security guards or dogs, potentially saving you thousands.”

Remote Video Surveillance
Why Choose Night Hawk Monitoring?

Night Hawk Monitoring has been providing security monitoring services for over 10 years with hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world. By using the latest live video monitoring technology we have the ability to monitor thousands of cameras in real-time. Night Hawk monitoring can also customize a CCTV camera system specific to your requirements keeping costs affordable. If you already have your own camera system in place, that’s fine, we can easily integrate your equipment with one of our remote locations.

New processes and systems help us react faster to would-be intruders and other unexpected occurrences. Night Hawk Monitoring has a great track record of building strong relationships with local police, fire, and emergency departments. This gives us top priority for stopping crime and other emergency situations such as fire or flooding from a broken pipe. Providing our customers with top-quality service is just one of our priorities to exceeding your expectations.

Night Hawk Monitoring operates 24/7 and 365 days a year so we are always here to answer questions. Where our competitors fall short we stand tall by focusing on what matters. And what matters most is keeping your property safe and protected. Criminals are getting more sophisticated, but so are we! Utilizing the perfect blend of technology, and human interaction and monitoring each and every surveillance camera Night Hawk Monitoring will always be a step ahead.

Live Security Cameras Monitoring

What sets us apart from the rest…

We will work around your Schedule

Night Hawk Monitoring bases its prices on the customer’s schedule. This means you will never pay for something you’re not using and therefore get the best possible value. We never sleep or take holidays. This means we are always available to take your calls at all times, whether it’s for a technical question or just to say hello.

Live Video Monitoring Service Stops crimes Before They Happen

CCTV Security (closed circuit television) can offer businesses great protection against crime when someone is always watching. When no one is watching burglaries or vandalism can often go unnoticed for days, and by then, it’s too late. Many security camera systems for business use event-based monitoring meaning they only catch movement when it happens. Night Hawk Monitoring solves this issue by using live remote video surveillance. This means we can spot the crime before it happens and prevent other emergency situations from getting out of control. Our staff is highly trained, with many ex-security, officers of the law and experienced technical personnel that know what to look for in any situation.

Contact Night Hawk Monitoring in Boca Raton, Florida today to find out more about how we can secure the property at your place of business with real-time video surveillance monitoring. Call 844-255-5903 or simply contact us online.

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