Commercial Surveillance Systems

There are more and more commercial and industrial complexes popping up around America today. Large plazas create spaces for businesses to collect their customer into one area where they can take care of several tasks in one spot. These commercial properties seem to also create a place where vandals and vagrants come together to take advantage of any opportunity.

Crimes such as vandalism and theft plague these commercial and industrial properties leaving the tenants and guests with a deficit of thousands of dollars each month. Commercial properties usually serve the public and they require reliable security solutions. Remote video monitoring is a security service that is perfect for properties such as these. Our IP security camera systems, along with our remote monitoring services, can be the best option for large commercial and industrial properties.

Security Monitoring for Commercial Businesses

How Remote Video Monitoring works for Industrial and Company Security Systems

The commercial sector of Property Management is one that sees a large amount of revenue lost due to crime and vandalism each year. Properties ranging from strip malls to larger supermalls are no strangers to crime. Night Hawk’s security monitoring service can observe these crimes, oftentimes as they unfold, and dispatch the appropriate authorities to apprehend the offenders. Night Hawk’s remote video monitoring service can then provide video evidence, in real-time, to the responding authorities.

Property Management Companies that we currently work with have revered Night Hawks’s dedication to the customer, as we provide live monitoring of the property. You read it correctly, Night Hawk Monitoring not only offers a complete camera security system installation to cover the entire property but also provides live video monitoring over your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When an intruder attempts to enter your property to commit theft or vandalism, Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote video monitoring service can detect the intruder and the local authorities will be dispatched.

We begin by surveying the entire business, checking for weak areas where an intruder would enter the property. Our network of integrators and dealers will install the suggested equipment to cover your entire property, guaranteeing the exact amount of coverage you desire. All entrances and exits are covered with substantially higher quality surveillance, ensuring we can capture the face of the perpetrator on the way in or out. These steps ensure complete surveillance of the property, saving you hundreds compared to a team of guards patrolling.

Remote Video Security Monitoring for Residential Communities and Hospitality Management

It is common knowledge that the most important thing to anyone is their home. Owning a property and residing in it with your own family, is the American Dream for anyone. Unfortunately, there are criminals who want that Dream taken, and as a result home invasions have increased more and more each year. Property Management Companies have taken certain steps to ensure the safety of their tenants. Gated Apartment Complexes are most commonly seen today, with a security guard letting people in and out of the building. Unfortunately, this offers only a small range of view for the entrance/exit alone and leaves the rest of the building without surveillance.

One gate guard can cost as much per month as a dozen cameras set up throughout your property. As a result, we have seen a massive response from the hotel/resort industry, and also from small family-owned Inns/motels. People like to know they are staying at a secure location, one where they can enjoy their time in peace. Establishing Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote video surveillance throughout your Apartment building, HOA or hotel will ensure your guests that you wish to do just that. Property Management Companies are also not perfect, and sometimes they employ people who are ethically sub-par. Employees who steal from their workplace do not go far with Night Hawk Monitoring, and if you have any known suspicions we can be sure to bring them to light. These steps ensure that your guests can stay as long as they wish at your establishment while enjoying a peaceful and crime-free environment.

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