Live Remote Security Camera Monitoring for Residential Communities

Beautiful residential communities are available all throughout the world. Many are gated with security guards and security surveillance camera systems but still seem to have problems with crime and theft. This happens primarily because the neighborhood security system is ineffective. In order to achieve top security for residential communities, security cameras need to be mapped out and installed accurately. And someone needs to be watching every single camera 24/7 – 356 days per year.

At Night Hawk Monitoring in South Florida, that is exactly what we do. Our experienced and trained technicians will be watching your residential community night and day providing remote security camera monitoring. Our team will be standing by watching and ready to contact the proper authorities at even a hint of foul play. A community with eyes watching at all times is always going to be a safer neighborhood than one with not.

Security Systems for HOAs

We Offer Much More than Front Gate Security Systems

Gates and community security guards are helpful and do deter crime somewhat. However, without a well-planned and fully monitored HOA security system, problems are sure to arise leaving your residents and staff at risk for anything, including a violent crime. Night Hawk Monitoring technicians have the ability to screen your guests live remotely from the front gate and manage and monitor every vehicle or person who enters your community.


Gated Community Security Systems with Live Monitoring Add More Value

This industry is one that hits right at home…….. literally. Homeowners today want to go to bed at night knowing that their property is secure for themselves and their children. Nothing is more important than keeping yourself safe and that is why Night Hawk’s remote video monitoring is something that is essential today in the 21st century. Criminals today are desperate and are more than willing to walk into a community and start looting. A security guard and main gate security system in your community might stop cars from entering, but anyone can find their way in through back areas, etc. Some Home Owner’s Association leaders have implemented patrolling guards, who drive around the property through the night. The issue we find most common there is that all it takes is a well-timed break-in for the perpetrators to get in and out without a trace. All the while the security guards are patrolling another side of the neighborhood.


Thermal and Analog IP-Based Cameras: There are many efficient and cost-effective benefits to implementing remote video monitoring in your neighborhood. First of all, most Home Owner’s Association board members that we have worked with give us feedback, and they cannot get enough of our thermal and analog IP-based cameras. We set these small and discreet cameras in strategic areas throughout the neighborhood, ensuring full coverage of every property. Others simply enjoy setting these cameras up at their local clubhouse or gym, being feared for vandals.

Live Video Feed: Another great benefit of Night Hawk’s IP-based system is that a live video feed is generated and sent straight to our remote access center with crisp quality and lightning-fast speed. This ensures that if you have our station monitor your specific property for example, and vandals trespass to begin their crime, we can guarantee the police will be on their way by the time it has been finished. That is the one thing we can guarantee; a quick and efficient response. If a security guard were to witness a crime for example, he would then have to call the local PD anyway after the fact. We offer speed that cannot be matched by the human eye, as bodies light up from our thermal cameras at night. We also offer zooms on our cameras no human could see, providing complete and total surveillance even in pitch darkness. There is also a massive market right now for homes within communities that offer more in terms of security and cleanliness and that is a fact. We can keep the streets of your neighborhood clear of vandals and thieves that can give your area a bad name.

A More Affordable Security Solution: Finally, the cost of remote video surveillance compared to that of a few guards patrolling 24/7 is substantially less ($$$) over time. It is clear to see that choosing Night Hawk for your HOA and your community is a safe and smart choice, one that will benefit you and all those you live with.

Procedures for Remote Video Surveillance in HOA Communities

We first begin by asking the specific areas of the community that require surveillance. We then send our team of technicians in to survey and verify the area for any concerns such as wiring and safety etc. The cameras are placed around community pools, in community gymnasiums, outside all entrances to clubhouses and game/recreational rooms. Any courts/fields that the community provides for sport are set with full surveillance in discreet areas and out of reach of tampering. The gate is even reinforced with security, ensuring the guards or security systems you have in place receive some extra eyes. Our thermal cameras are placed specifically in the areas that are not well-lit at night. The most convenient part about Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote video surveillance is that we can link it with existing cameras on the scene. This ensures that money is saved if you have already been serviced in the past and would like to renew with a trusted source. Furthermore, here at Night Hawk Monitoring, we take pride in the fact that we offer prices for our services that fall up to 25% less than any local competitor. It is clear to see that if you are looking for experience with a professional staff, while still trying to save a buck, Night Hawk is the place to go!

Below is a great example of how live surveillance monitoring for residential communities is invaluable. Mishaps like this one below are caught immediately – no questions asked. 

Residential Community Security Surveillance

Night Hawk Monitoring in South Florida provides Real real-time surveillance Monitoring Services for Home Owners’ Associations and other Residential Communities Worldwide. Find out more about us by calling 844-255-5903 or simply contact us here online.


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