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Apartment complexes and other residential rental properties constantly accept new tenants/residents. Having a high turnover rate can increase the likelihood of theft or vandalism. This is due to the fact that renters are usually not required to perform a thorough background check. With a properly set-up and well-monitored apartment security system, these issues can become a thing of the past. Night Hawk Monitoring is capable of securing even the most active of rental communities.

CCTV Monitoring for Apartment Complexes

The Benefits of Apartment Surveillance Camera Monitoring

Since you are visiting our site, it’s likely you’re in search of protection for an apartment complex or condo building and probably need it now. It’s not too late to keep crime from happening. Night Hawk Monitoring provides custom CCTV security camera installation and can typically have it up and running the same day. IP security cameras allow us to monitor all activity from a remote location, and if we notice something is awry, we’ll dispatch local authorities without hesitation.

Keeping public areas safe from intruders is also important to your resident’s safety. Video surveillance makes this an easy task, and your tenants will feel secure knowing their property, and well-being, is a top priority. Security cameras are often mounted near entrances and amenities such as the pool, laundry areas, and clubhouse. This type of security system prevents unwanted guests and intruders from entering your property.

Security systems and monitoring for apartment buildings have become an affordable solution even with high-quality equipment. Newer digital security cameras provide higher resolution than in the past, making it more effective to identify specific details like license plates and faces. Night Hawk Monitoring offers its clients the ability to check live footage anytime and anywhere. Even though we monitor the network of IP cameras at all times, everything is recorded and backed up on a DVR. This allows you to play back the security camera footage over the internet or check in whenever you’d like.

Effective CCTV Video Surveillance Monitoring Service for Apartments and Condominiums

Apartment buildings and condominiums come in all shapes and sizes. This means you will need a video security system correctly set up for your needs. As important as it is to protect your property, it’s just as important to protect your tenant’s privacy. The following are some guidelines Night Hawk Monitoring follows when monitoring apartment complexes to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

One of the most important factors when setting up a video surveillance system for an apartment building is to protect tenant privacy. It’s vital to monitor common areas like entrances, exits, parking lots, and other recreational spaces. But it’s also important to keep your tenant’s doors and windows out of the camera’s reach. An experienced installer, such as Night Hawk Monitoring, will already know this. They will create a camera system that abides by current regulations and is still effective in stopping crimes such as theft or vandalism.

Vandalism is typically the most common nuisance in apartment buildings. Although a petty crime, it can often cost thousands in repairs and even scare future tenants from wanting to rent in your building. By monitoring the entrances, exits, and exterior surroundings, Night Hawk Monitoring can catch the vandals/trespassers before they even have the chance to act.

Apartment Security Surveillance

Click the image to watch rim thieves in action at one of the apartment complexes where we provide remote security surveillance services.

Factors to Consider when Installing an Apartment Complex Security System

Always have a backup plan in case of disturbances in power or the internet. Although rare, it’s important to implement the proper equipment and procedure if a power outage occurs. This can include(but is not limited to) installing a backup generator, battery backups, and training staff to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

As important as it is to protect your own assets, it’s also important to protect your tenant’s property, such as cars and bikes. Night Hawk Monitoring will actively monitor all parking lots for suspicious activity. In the event that we do catch someone in unlawful activity, we will alert the authorities and contact the property’s management. This will also help protect your business reputation from poor reviews and in some instances liability.

It’s said that a security gate can reduce up to 15% of crime from ever happening when actively monitored. This is just one of the many factors to consider when installing security systems for apartment buildings. Below are the most common factors we consider when designing and installing a security system for an apartment complex.

• Are there any security cameras, alarms, and gates already in place?
• What are the most common crimes being committed, if any?
• Where are the points of entry?
• Is the apartment/condo a single building or spread out between multiple buildings?
• Do tenants park in a parking lot, covered garage, or on the street?
• Which are the common areas? Examples: pool, conference room, fitness center, mailboxes, and laundry areas.

Many aspects need to be considered when installing an IP video surveillance system in a condo or apartment building. Night Hawk Monitoring has over 10 years of installation and security monitoring experience. Our technicians can install a new system or integrate it with your current solution. We will calculate all necessary factors when installing a security camera system for apartment and condo buildings, making sure every aspect is protected.

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