Loss Prevention

Large warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers need security today more than ever. Crime in the form of theft has been on the rise and warehouses are a prime target. This is due to the large quantity of inventory found inside, with little or no security in place, it’s almost like stealing candy from a baby. Thieves are not the only ones you need to watch out for. Oftentimes, employees, customers, and vendors also help themselves to the merchandise. Warehouse environments are often difficult to fully secure with traditional security guards and methods.

Warehouse Security Surveillance

Security Services Simplified for Warehouse Distribution & Storage Facilities

Why make securing what rightfully belongs to you difficult? Let’s face it! You probably already have enough on your mind. Warehouse and storage facilities are extremely vulnerable to theft without the proper protection. Night Hawk Monitoring uses a web-based security camera system and provides live remote monitoring services 24/7 365 days per year. This is almost always the best solution for warehouse security. Our Security System monitoring solutions offer superior warehouse security at exceptionally affordable prices.

Night Hawk Monitoring’s warehouse and distribution clients appreciate the worry-free security that remote video monitoring systems provide. The cost savings over security guards and loss prevention are an added benefit. By using only the latest security and surveillance equipment to monitor warehouse cameras, Night Hawk Monitoring produces the highest quality video and performance possible. Adding in a mix of digital security cameras, video analytics and IP-based software for process integration creates a total commercial security system solution. All this information is then sent back to our central monitoring station where it’s proactively monitored for intruders, employee misconduct, and other suspicious activity.

The Benefits of Warehouse Security Camera Systems

Video surveillance systems are a must-have for any type of warehouse, distribution center, or storage facility. This simple, but important measure will deter theft and ensure workplace productivity is optimized. Using carefully placed security cameras and having a quality monitoring service means warehouse owners and managers can focus more on their daily tasks. Night Hawk Monitoring aims to stop intruders and criminals from targeting your warehouse in the first place, especially after hours. Our video monitoring service is an investment-friendly alternative to security guards for large or even the smallest warehouses.

Increased Theft Production – The most obvious reason for implementing warehouse surveillance cameras or any security equipment for that matter is to deter theft, whether it’s from a complete stranger or even employees. Warehouse and distribution centers have lots of visitors that come and go making it important to constantly monitor daily and nightly activity. Not only will this deter thieves, but it will also help increase workplace performance.
Reduce or Eliminate On-site Security Guards – IP security cameras can completely eliminate the need for security guards. Installing warehouse security cameras that are actively monitored allows one person to do the job of many security guards. The savings and effectiveness of video surveillance monitoring is upwards of 75% when compared to traditional security guards. There may be some instances when on-site security guards are still needed. By combining security personnel with our video monitoring service, guards can actively patrol the distribution center and protect the building instead of watching the CCTV monitors.
Easy to Upgrade – Our cameras play well with others. Whether your storage property is using analog, IP, or thermal cameras, Night Hawk Monitoring can create a solution to make everything work in harmony. Why stop there, we also supply live event verifications and audio warnings that will stop would-be intruders from entering the property in the first place.
Custom Integrations – A properly networked security system that uses CCTV cameras is the foundation of any effective security setup. Integrating a camera system with current setups can free up time and increase productivity. These integrations often include remote gate access control, door locks, and physical alarm activation/deactivation. After-hours is often the most vulnerable time for warehouses and distribution centers. Night Hawk Monitoring’s advanced integrations make it possible to open motorized gates, and doors, keep our eyes on things, and then lock up after everyone leaves, all from a remote location.
Save Money, One Building at a Time – Remote Video Monitoring means there is no equipment to buy and monthly fees are significantly less than the cost of traditional security guards. Let’s face it, at the end of the day it’s all about profit and with Night Hawk Monitoring you can trust that none of your profit will be walking out the door or falling asleep on the job. We monitor for suspicious activity as well as wary employee behavior. Securing multiple areas is simple and affordable with CCTV technology. It would take multiple security guards ($$$) to perform the same task. Did we mention that we can secure your warehouse 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year? Think of all the money you will save!

Configuring Security Cameras for Warehouses

Protecting what belongs to you and the privacy of your employees can be accomplished by keeping warehouse security cameras in public places. These areas include storage areas, offices, building perimeters, and out-of-break rooms and bathrooms. Cameras should be located at all entrances and exits, which include shipping and receiving zones and perimeter cameras to secure the exterior of the building. Warehouse cameras are best kept out of sight to not attract unnecessary attention and out of reach to prevent tampering. Most importantly there should be an alternative power source in case there are any electrical interruptions.

When choosing a company to install and monitor a storage facility IP video surveillance system, consider a company that has the expertise needed and the track record to prove it. Night Hawk Monitoring has over 10 years of installation and remote video monitoring experience. Our technicians can install a new system or integrate it with your current solution. Night Hawk Monitoring calculates all necessary factors when installing a security camera system for warehouses and distribution centers by making sure every aspect is protected.

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