The Most Affordable and Effective Construction Site Camera System

Theft and Vandalism accounted for an estimated loss of 1.1 billion dollars last year for construction sites alone in the United States. This number has risen approximately ten percent since 1996, and every year continues to grow! You may ask, “Why?” The simple answer is, “Construction sites are usually dark vacant properties during the night and on weekends with no security.”

Construction Site Security Cameras


Contractors leave their building materials, equipment, and tools on site expecting that everything will be there the next work day. Thieves or vandals then break into the site and take what they want and often times tamper with and abuse tractors and heavy equipment. Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote, real-time security monitoring service can detect intruders and stop them in their tracks. Our security systems and monitoring service can detect an intruder, notify the police, and provide vital information to help prevent theft and vandalism. We can then forward important video evidence to the police on scene, while the case unfolds.

Contractors have absolutely no choice but to leave at least some of their materials out on the construction site. Whether it’s a tractor or a cement truck, large vehicles are most often left completely exposed without proper security. Thus, these are the main targets of vandalism or theft. How are you to work on a construction site, if your entire vehicle is covered in graffiti and coarse language? How about if all of your tires are taken and your truck is on cement blocks? Worst of all, these crimes often go unpunished as the perpetrators are long gone without a trace due to a lack of remote video monitoring. With Night Hawk Monitoring’s digital security cameras, video analytics, and IP-based software, these perpetrators do not stand a chance.

More Benefits of Construction Site Security Services

There are some clear benefits to having a live video surveillance feed of your construction site sent to our monitoring station. It can have you finally rest easy at night, knowing all of your materials, tools, and vehicles are secure, even if you left the key in the ignition. With strategically placed security cameras, you can go home knowing that your entire construction site is completely covered 24/7 with the appropriate surveillance to ensure crisp and clean feed to our station.

  • Increased Theft Protection- In the 21st century of today, everything we do revolves around time. Contractors take a massive blow to their schedule by at least a couple of days when things such as tires or building materials are taken. With our remote monitoring service, thieves will be stopped in their tracks.

  • Vandalism Protection & Prevention- Night Hawk agents can often times observe a subject before they enter a property. When Night Hawk agents are monitoring a property, intruders seem to stick out according to their appearance and body language. Often times when a video is replayed of an incident, the person watching the video can almost say, “If only I was watching this live, I could have stopped this.” This is where a remote video monitoring system service becomes the evident choice to protect your construction site.

  • Easily Expandable- Our remote monitoring service for your job site security cameras will work with the simplest camera systems. We can install several simple cameras, along with a simple DVR or NVR, and protect the entire property. Also, Night Hawk Monitoring’s video monitoring service can integrate other remote services such as remote gate access control, remote door locks, two-way audio, and of course physical alarm activation/deactivation. Most perpetrators will enter at night, so our services will confirm that the construction site is secured when the last employee clocks out, all from our secure video monitoring center.

  • Efficient and Cost Effective- Larger construction sites can consist of a space that is at least a few acres with many vehicles and supplies that are spread throughout the construction site. It would be physically impossible for a guard, or even several guards, to survey the entire area throughout the night. With security guard costs at hundreds every week and the construction site not being completely covered visually, a security guard service cannot be compared to Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote video monitoring service. The live video feed that is sent to our video monitoring center is monitored all day, every day, for the whole year! Crime doesn’t take a break or a holiday.


Night Hawk Monitoring currently monitors several construction sites and has had great results in stopping crime and vandalism by using our remote video monitoring service.  Remotely monitored security cameras are placed at all entrances and exits so that any pedestrians or vehicles are captured entering and exiting the property. Our remotely monitored cameras are placed discretely so as to not attract unneeded attention and high enough so as to not be tampered with.

When choosing a video monitoring company to protect your property, consider Night Hawk Monitoring and our network of dealers that can install and configure an IP-based video surveillance system to meet your needs and budget. Our dealer’s technicians can install a new system or integrate your current system to work with our video monitoring service. Night Hawk Monitoring calculates all necessary factors when installing a security camera system, making sure every aspect is protected.

To find out more about Night Hawk Monitoring’s Remote Surveillance Monitoring Services for Construction Sites, call us at 844-255-5903 or simply contact us online. We provide our services worldwide.


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