Live City Wide Security Surveillance Systems

CCTV City Surveillance Camera Monitoring

City Wide Surveillance has grown exponentially in the past decade throughout the country and in Florida especially. Night Hawk Monitoring has serviced public properties and roads alike, offering our top of the line surveillance systems for use. Public recreational areas are paid for and built on tax payer money. As an individual living on American soil, you have the option to enjoy any of these public recreational areas when they are open for use. Large properties such as public parks, libraries and even public roads fall victim to crimes every day. Vandalism, trespassing and/or theft are not the only crimes we have seen in this industry and Night Hawk Monitoring provides the surveillance to protect you from them all.

Roadside Security Surveillance Systems



Live Surveillance Monitoring for Public Roads/Highways:

Every year hundreds of thousands of lives are lost because of drunk drivers speeding or running red lights. Many times we have seen hit and runs take place on our surveillance systems. This is the most devastating thing we have witnessed on our cameras. When someone leaves the scene of an accident without addressing the person they have hit and calling the local P.D. it’s considered a felony and is a serious offense.

Live Monitoring for Public Street Cameras

A Night Hawk Monitoring, we offer surveillance systems that can capture these crimes with the best possible quality. We have saved countless lives using our live video surveillance service and the scene of an accident is a perfect example. Applying Night Hawk Monitoring’s service in your city and on your public roads can save the lives of victims of a crash. We have a team of technicians on staff at our remote control center 24/7 who are specially trained to see anything strange that comes into view of your cameras. Using our remote video surveillance on your public roads/highways will guarantee that any accident or vandalism that takes place will be reported as soon as possible.

Live Monitoring for Public Park Cameras

Public parks are generally massive plots of land that are filled with recreational activities available to the people living nearby. Due to the fact that they are open to the public, that leaves them open to all sorts of criminals. Night Hawk Monitoring has recorded a variety of crimes that have taken place in and around public parks using our surveillance systems. Crime as common as theft and vandalism is an everyday thing that we see on our surveillance systems. However, we have also come across much more heinous crimes like kidnapping and rape where we were able to act quickly and help. These heinous crimes often go unpunished as the perpetrator usually strikes in the evening and out of view. With our thermal cameras, Night Hawk Monitoring can catch a glimpse of heat up to 100 yards away and it will light up clearly for us to see. These cameras paired up with our live video monitoring can keep your entire park safe day and night.

Live Monitoring for Federal Buildings

Businesses that offer services to your city through the national government also deserve the best security. Buildings like libraries, DMV, licensing bureaus, and Banks are just a few of the many services our government offers. Due to the fact that they are not privately owned, they become the target of crimes on a daily basis. Banks are the main target, as they house thousands of American dollars. Thefts on grand scales have been committed in the past with banks being the main target and without the proper remote video surveillance the crooks have gotten away. Night Hawk Monitoring offers the best analog and thermal IP-based cameras that can catch any criminal walking in and out of your building. Our live video surveillance has been the most successful in banks, particularly in the past. We have been able to contact the local P.D. and save lives many times in the past when we witnessed a theft taking place.

Make your business and/or city a part of the Night Hawk Monitoring team and enjoy the security you deserve. We provide city-wide and commercial remote security surveillance throughout the nation. To find out more about our non-stop security camera monitoring, call 844-255-5903 or simply contact us online.


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