Video Surveillance Installers & Security Monitoring Services

Man has marveled over the precious minerals and stones this earth can produce for centuries such as Diamonds and Gold. These precious minerals/stones are processed and sold for high value at Jewelry Stores across our nation. These Jewelry Stores can house hundreds of thousands of dollars at any given time. This leaves jewelry stores vulnerable to some serious crimes if they do not have a store security system in place such as the video surveillance monitoring service that Night Hawk Monitoring can provide.

Security Surveillance for Jewelry Stores

Our service can monitor the jewelry store, during the predetermined schedule, and detect an intruder that is attempting to break into the building. Night Hawk Monitoring has seen a trend in jewelry store burglaries during closed business hours, and oftentimes through the roof of the building. Jewelry stores are much like other high-risk businesses where thieves will go to great measures to breach the building and steal the contents.

Indoor & Outdoor Property Surveillance

Night Hawk Monitoring can adapt to your current security camera system and oftentimes with very few modifications. If your system doesn’t cover the outside of your property, our dealers can install the simplest IP-based cameras to capture any outside activity. The best IP security camera systems in the world only capture the crime, Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote video monitoring service will detect intruders and stop crime in its tracks.

Jewelry Stores that are trying to maintain a thriving business owe it to their customers, and to themselves, to provide the most effective type of security on the market. While most would assume their only option was a security guard on the property, Night Hawk Monitoring urges jewelry store owners to explore their options. A remote video surveillance system is one of the simplest, most affordable, and most effective security options for Jewelry Store owners.


Night Hawk Monitoring’s video monitoring service offers the best available security surveillance solution for Jewelry Stores offering a wide variety of products at high value. We can outfit any property with the right amount of surveillance cameras to save the business both money and time in the long run. Night Hawk Monitoring offers a complete security solution for your business at up to 75% off the price of any guard service available.

Night Hawk Monitoring’s live video monitoring eliminates the need for anyone on the property overnight. We have a specific procedure that we follow when outfitting a property such as a Jewelry Store. We begin by surveying the property and making note of any areas of entry for an intruder. Night Hawk Monitoring’s team of trained technicians work and then put together a recommended layout for the security system installed that will allow us to monitor the entire property effectively. This is a process that Night Hawk has perfected over the years because we are monitoring the cameras live.

We know what it looks like when a camera is installed in the wrong spot or installed at the wrong height. The careful planning of the layout makes the monitoring much more effective. Night Hawk Monitoring has a nationwide network of security system installation dealers that can outfit your jewelry store with the best in today’s security camera technology.

Night Hawk Monitoring’s goal is to keep both you and your precious merchandise safe in today’s economic times. Theft has plagued the jewelry industry recently, but with the help of Night Hawk Monitoring’s live video monitoring, you can rest easy. Our live video monitoring allows you to have an extra pair of eyes on your jewelry store during the schedule of your choosing.

Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote monitoring service transmits a live video feed from your Jewelry Store to our remote monitoring center. Our service can save your business the time and costs caused by a break-in. We offer live security services Nationwide. Call Night Hawk Monitoring in South Florida at 844-255-5903 today for the only security solution, remote video surveillance, and live video monitoring. You may also contact us here online.

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