24/7 Monitoring for Industrial Security Surveillance Systems

Ever since Industrialization, Manufacturing Facilities have been the main resource of goods and therefore profit for the American economy. Thousands of American-made products are manufactured here per year and business owners need the right Security Surveillance System to keep them safe. Night Hawk Monitoring offers a wide variety of Thermal and Analog IP-based cameras that are perfect for any setting of a Manufacturing Plant. We have a dedicated staff containing over 10 years of experience in the field of Surveillance. This combined with our pricing and efficiency in our trade is why most Manufacturing Facilities trust Night Hawk Monitoring to keep them secure.

Security for Manufacturing Facilities

There are some clear regulations that we follow here at Night Hawk Monitoring when it comes to fitting a Manufacturing Facility with the best surveillance. We begin by asking for a general map or layout of the building, including the areas where workers park etc. Our team of technic
ians then goes to work, planning out how many cameras we think your Manufacturing Facility needs.

Night Hawk Monitoring can send our team anywhere in the United States to your property and install our surveillance system throughout your facility. We begin in the main work area and set up our remote surveillance systems to completely cover all operations within your Manufacturing Facility. Night Hawk Monitoring strongly believes in worker safety so the best of our thermal and analog cameras are used to cover the work area.

Most business owners in the manufacturing industry specifically enjoy our live video monitoring services. This service provides your business with a set of eyes 24/7 and allows you to rest assured knowing your workers and machines are safe. We continue along with the process and go through all utilities/eating stations within the building. Privacy is another main concern when working through Manufacturing Facilities so we make sure to ask you before setting up any surveillance. We know that discretion is a main factor for businesses that have fallen victim to theft or vandalism.

We Use Thermal and IP Security Cameras

Night Hawk Monitoring offers a wide variety of Thermal and Analog IP-based surveillance systems. These high tech security cameras are perfect for a work environment because they provide the right amount of surveillance while also being discreet. We have helped countless business owners in the past with crimes that have taken place on their property while we were employed. Any crime caught by our technicians on your property will be reported to the local P.D. immediately. Night Hawk Monitoring believes in keeping you, your employees and your building safe in today’s economy and we have the surveillance systems to do just that.


Manufacturing Facilities and other large Processing Plants both have become the main target of major crimes today. Vandalism, theft and even violence has been caught on our surveillance systems and dealt with accordingly here at Night Hawk Monitoring on many occasions. We have the technology and the dedication your business needs to make sure it is a safe environment for you and your workers.

We have the ability to monitor security cameras all over the world. Find more about how Night Hawk Monitoring can install and remotely monitor manufacturing facility security cameras by calling us toll-free at 844-255-5903. You may also contact us here online.

This Video Below is a Great Example of Why Live Surveillance Monitoring for Manufacturing Facilities is So Important

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