Hotel Safety

Hotel security systems must be effective and give guests a safe and secure place where they can enjoy their time away from home. Most, hotels have a basic security plan in place which can include a night security guard or a roving security person and maybe a couple of security cameras.

Security guards are often busy with other tasks that are not always security-related. Remote video monitoring can give the hotel a security-based service that can also multi-task while providing security and intruder detection to the entire property.

Hotel CCTV Security Monitoring Services

Real-Time Security Solutions

Our video monitoring security services can provide the front desk with information about a guest looking for their room and notify the police if a possible intruder is in the parking garage at the same time. Night Hawk’s remote CCTV monitoring service can also provide this security service without setting foot on the property. We can remotely monitor the entire property from one place which would be the same as having multiple security guards.

A remote video monitoring system can benefit both a small motel and a large hotel in many of the same ways. Our live video monitoring services are priced to fit into any small business budget and provide a service that only big corporations can afford. Night Hawk’s monitoring service is priced at about 25% of a conventional security guard, which gives a small hotel the option to secure its property the way it should be secured.

Our pricing can give a larger hotel the option to add Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote Monitoring service to their security portfolio as a second eye in the sky to cover the areas where the security guard isn’t patrolling at that particular time. We can cover the property while the security guard takes a break or takes care of other security issues on the property.

Oftentimes, hotels have several different areas on the property that need some sort of security. Parking lots, pool areas, and hallways or walkways are where security threats need to be approached and terminated before a problem escalates in order for the guest to feel safe and secure. The safe feeling, provided by remote CCTV monitoring, is a part of what keeps the guest writing good reviews, coming back to the hotel, and ultimately recommending the hotel to others.

Parking Lot Monitoring

Parking lots can be accessed by car or by foot and can be a candy store for a thief with one thing on his mind. Night Hawk can see this threat through our remotely monitored camera system, before it happens and attack it as the threat begins to take place. Once Night Hawk picks up on a possible threat from an intruder, we take the necessary measures to make sure the authorities are notified immediately.
All information about the incident is passed over to the responding officers so that they can attack the threat as soon as they are on site. Night Hawk Monitoring agents then pass on vital video of the intruder to the responding authority, as the apprehension is taking place. This process ensures the officer that they have the correct intruder(s) in custody and are charging the intruder with the appropriate crime.

The Best Hospitality Security System Available

It’s common that an intruder is apprehended while committing one crime, but has left a bread trail of crimes behind them. With remote video monitoring, we observe the entire crime, whether the subject broke into one car or several cars. The video evidence from our monitoring service does not lie and catches more than the normal person or security guard would.

Most hotels, motels, and resorts have a pool and recreation area. These areas on the property always seem to invite intruders and vandals after hours. The problem with a guard on duty is that the guard cannot cover all of the areas of the hotel, oftentimes leaving the recreation areas open and vulnerable. Night Hawk Monitoring can observe the intruder or trespasser, through our remotely monitored security camera system, and notify the appropriate guard or authority. This can prevent the loss of pool furniture, vandalism, or any criminal activity that would affect a guest’s experience.

Another area in a hotel where criminal activity takes place is the corridors and walkways of the hotel. Intruders will make their way through a hotel, looking for unlocked or open doors to make entry. This process is easily noticed through our remote monitoring service. Most guests go to and from their rooms without making any other detours. An intruder will check door handles, go from floor to floor, and will constantly be looking over their shoulder. This process is easy for Night Hawk to spot when we are on the other side of the camera.

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