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Building and Roofing Supply has been a thriving market in the United States since industrialization itself. From huts made of sticks to skyscrapers, man has seen an exponential increase in architectural detail and quality over the centuries. With this rise comes the rise of criminal activity and Building and Roofing Supply companies without surveillance can become prime targets.

Thieves can take building materials and roofing supplies from job sites and distributors and turn them into fast cash. This makes these types of businesses an easy and desirable target. This can cause a massive blow to both time and resources, as missing materials means a job cannot be completed.

Vandalism is also a huge problem for this industry. Without proper video monitoring, this trend can continue. Contractors have no use for building materials that have been vandalized, which is why proper remote video monitoring is essential. Night Hawk Monitoring provides a building security service that is unbeatable when it comes to remote video surveillance systems that can stop these criminals in their tracks.

Security Monitoring for Building & Roofing Supply


Night Hawk Monitoring has put together a team that has pioneered the remote video monitoring industry and developed the technology and the processes that set us apart from the rest. Our service takes a live video feed from your business and streams it into our video monitoring center.

Night Hawk Monitoring’s video monitoring center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Crime never takes a break and never sets a schedule to follow so we don’t either! You cannot find or even expect that kind of dedication out of a team of guards, as they have personal responsibilities too. With Night Hawk Monitoring, we have a constant pair of fresh eyes on your business at any designated time you desire, every day of the year.

Best Business Security Camera System Available

Night Hawk Monitoring knows how to survey a property, configure a simple video system to effectively monitor the property, and provide a service that keeps your business safe. Security guard services that offer the most reasonable prices cannot compare to the cost of a full remote video surveillance service. Our dealers know how to install the recommended security camera system, ensuring that the entire property is able to be monitored.

Night Hawk Monitoring takes the necessary steps to keep our remote monitoring service and equipment as discreet as we can. This helps to apprehend criminals without them ever knowing a thing. The remote monitoring service that Night Hawk Monitoring offers is why building and roofing supply contractors come to Night Hawk Monitoring first for a remote video surveillance system. Our video monitoring service ensures that you can sleep well knowing there is a pair of trained eyes on your business. Come morning or night, Night Hawk will be there for you and your property to keep you safe!


There are some specific steps that our team of technicians go through when installing remote video monitoring in a building or on the property. First of all, we survey the outer perimeter of the property for any weak spots. Holes or rips in the fencing of your perimeter are a major issue, as they are the main targets for breaking in. We identify all the “weak spots” of the perimeter and start there. Any area where a criminal could possibly breach the perimeter is covered with our cameras.

We then use several other devices to detect an intruder based on body heat and motion detection. These devices are placed throughout the property, in strategic places. These precise steps are taken to ensure that if anyone enters your property without permission, our remote video monitoring service will know. We then make a sweep through the entire interior of the property, covering the entrances and exits and any other weak spots in the building. Often times we even install cameras in a position where we can monitor the building’s roof. These are just some of the steps that Night Hawk Monitoring takes to ensure that our remote video monitoring service is totally effective.

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