Valuable inventory like new cars, parts, and equipment means auto dealerships have a lot to lose. Car lots are a major target for theft and even vandalism. Night Hawk Monitoring in South Florida uses intelligent remote video surveillance monitoring to observe automotive dealerships 24/7. Commercial remote video surveillance monitoring systems can provide a cost-effective solution to protect against crimes, such as theft, vandalism, and even fraudulent lawsuits. This can be accompanied by reducing or completely removing the need for onsite security guards. If an incident occurs, real-time alerts are sent via e-mail, text, and an instant call to local authorities. Information is then sent from our central monitoring center and within seconds of sighting, achieve the fastest response time possible.


Video Security Cameras Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

We Help to Secure Auto Dealerships

Auto dealers often store new, overstocked vehicles and also vehicles that are inforservice in open, offsite parking lots, leaving expensive inventory completely unsecured. Parking and storage lots located away from the main dealership are especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Night Hawk Monitoring provides remote video surveillance monitoring solutions that decrease crime and loss prevention. Our remote facility is located off-site, which minimizes liability and profit loss when compared to conventional security guards. When designing a CCTV surveillance system, Night Hawk Monitoring focuses on the three key areas of the dealership: sales, service, and the parts department.

  1. Sales– New cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans are a gold mine to a thief. Some dealerships have hundreds of these vehicles in stock, which require a huge parking lot for storage. Keeping track of all these vehicles and making sure they are properly secured is an almost impossible feat without video monitoring systems. With remote video surveillance monitoring service from Night Hawk Monitoring, you will not even have to worry about locking each car at night. We keep our eyes peeled for any type of activity. As an added bonus, business hour recordings can be analyzed to track employee and customer behaviors. This data can then be used to optimize the sales force and showroom layout.

  2. Service– Having a properly set up surveillance system protects the dealership from false claims of auto damage by the customer. It’s also an excellent tool to monitor employee behavior and protect expensive diagnostic equipment from leaving the premises. Your technicians will be thanking you knowing their toolbox and other belongings are safe and secure when they’re not around.

  3. Parts– The auto parts departments often have millions of dollars worth of inventory at any given time. This can be a prime target for thieves looking to make a quick buck. When something disappears off the shelf and no one wants to be accountable, go back to the cameras. Just the presence of CCTV surveillance will make employees think twice about stealing parts. Our video monitoring service has proven to be effective in loss prevention, especially in dealerships with additional outdoor part storage.


The Benefits of Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Professional video monitoring takes time, dedication, and the proper tools. Night Hawk Monitoring uses remote CCTV video surveillance systems, which monitor and record in real-time. The hours we monitor are up to you, all day, all night, or both. We aim to stop intruders and criminals from targeting your dealership in the first place (especially after hours). Video monitoring is an investment-friendly alternative to hiring security guards for large and even the smallest of automotive dealerships.

Auto Dealership Surveillance Security Camera Monitoring

  • Protection against theft– The most obvious use for video surveillance is to prevent expensive theft. This can include entire cars, parts and other expensive equipment commonly found at car dealerships. Video surveillance cameras that are properly placed and monitored will deter thieves from breaking and entering in the first place. If someone does enter the property unauthorized, we will alert the authorities and work to quickly identify the suspects.

  • Increase Onsite Security Efficiency– If you still need onsite security guards, surveillance cameras can help by keeping the security staff posted about any issues that arise throughout the day. Modern security cameras allow staff to be more flexible and keep them on point in their duties with features like video alerts and mobile viewing. With Night Hawk monitoring the cameras, security guards can actively patrol the grounds and receive alerts from our camera operators.

  • Easy to integrate– Our cameras play well with others. Whether the dealership is using analog, IP or thermal cameras, Night Hawk Monitoring can create a solution to make everything work in harmony. Why stop there, we also supply live event verifications and audio warnings that will stop would-be intruders from entering the property in the first place.

  • Advance Integrations– A properly networked security system that uses CCTV cameras is the foundation of any effective security setup. Integrating a camera system with current setups can free up time and increase productivity. These integrations often include remote gate access control, door locks, and physical alarm activation/deactivation. After-hours can often be a busy time for a dealership with maintenance crews, employees working evenings, and after-hours car drop-offs. With an advanced integration setup we can open gates, and doors, keep our eye on things, and then lock up after everyone leaves; all from a remote location.

  • Save Money– Let’s face it, at the end of the day it’s all about profit. With Night Hawk Monitoring you can trust that none of your profit will be walking out the door or falling asleep on the job. We monitor for suspicious activity as well as wary of employee behavior. Securing multiple areas is simple and affordable with CCTV technology. It would take multiple security guards ($$$) to perform the same task. Did we mention we can secure your dealership 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year? Think of all the money you will save!


Increase Safety and Security for Automotive Dealerships

Night Hawk Monitoring is also proud to be an authorized security camera and equipment installer. We install and repair access control units, motorized gates, fences, keypads, and telephone entry systems. Once installed, these systems can be controlled from one of our remote video monitoring stations. This will make after-hours deliveries of parts, cars, or towed vehicles a hands-free operation. Our trained security personnel also have the ability to communicate in real-time with anyone trying to enter and exit the property. Our efforts help to keep everyone safe & secure. Additional information is recorded about who and when someone enters the property. This is then securely backed up and sent to the dealership in a report on an “as-needed basis”.

Some dealerships are based around a central building or location while others have multiple buildings for individual departments. No matter how the dealership is set up, Night Hawk Monitoring has the ability to plan a solution that will actively detect, monitor, and respond to any suspicious activity. If your auto dealership wishes to utilize both security guards and remote video surveillance we can work together by providing real-time data and pinpointing areas of concern. Designing a security system that is right for your business depends on many factors, which should be considered when choosing any security company. Night Hawk’s video monitoring service and security for automotive dealerships work to prevent the crime before it ever happens.

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