The Best Way to Protect Your Storage Rental Business

Private Self Storage has grown exponentially over the past decade. People love the idea of keeping their personal belongings in a secure unit that they alone can access whenever. These storage units are gold mines for criminals, and without the proper remote video surveillance, they could make off with all of your goods! A lock and key only go so far and Private Self Storage owners love the idea of having all units monitored throughout the night when no one is in the shop.  No criminal is going to come in broad daylight and no business owner wants to hire a guard to stand throughout the night. The cost for a guard working night shifts can stack up to thousands each month, significantly less than Night Hawk.

Security Systems for Public Storage Facilities

Procedures for Maintaining a Safe Storage Facility

As a Private Self Storage business owner, our top-of-the-line technician and surveillance team needs to come to mind first when considering options for securing your property. Night Hawk Monitoring simply provides the most efficient and cost-effective service for the installation of all types of CCTV cameras around your property. Our goal is to have complete surveillance of all exteriors when it comes to units.

The entire property, including the front desk and shop, is then completely covered to ensure no petty thefts take place. Night Hawk Monitoring’s analog and IP-based cameras are perfect for catching almost any crime before it happens. Our mission is to catch perpetrators who want to take from your valued customers, not only the items within the units themselves.

We pride ourselves upon respecting the privacy of our clientele while providing just the amount of security they desire. Anyone found coming or going into any unit after hours will be responded to accordingly and you as the business owner will be first informed. The feed being monitored from any of our remote video surveillance systems is sent at lightning-fast speed to our control center. This guarantees that any perpetrators found on the property after hours will be seen and we will act accordingly.

We have had countless incidents where the local PD has arrived on the scene and caught the criminal red-handed. This kind of response time is only possible due to our top-of-the-line video surveillance monitoring services. If the thief were to be discovered by a guard you have employed and he was armed, your guard would be forced to alert the Police Department anyway, wasting precious time. These are just some of the major factors you need to consider when acquiring a secure self-storage facility and Night Hawk is a company that exceeds the rest.

Benefits of Hiring Security Systems Monitoring Companies

There are many benefits that are both long-term and short-term to using remote video surveillance. You immediately remove any worry or doubt about the security of your business. You can rest assured knowing that there is a pair of eyes on your units 24/7 – 365 days per year. This allows you to take more of your valued time to focus on growing your business.

Remote surveillance over time saves thousands compared to that of a security guard. This allows you to have extra money in your pocket every year. Extra money means more units and more customers expanding your business! Proper Surveillance also plays a crucial role in employee behavior and responsibility while on the clock. Private Self Storage owners can check in and see that their employee on duty is safe and sound at any time. This takes a massive burden off the owner, allowing him to spend more time away from the actual office if he desires.

The owner can always have a set of eyes on his Private Self Storage units while he goes out into the world to expand his business. This kind of relief and pricing that Night Hawk Monitoring offers for Private Self Storage business owners are the real reasons why we are regarded as one of the best for remote video surveillance.


CCTV Security System Installation & Monitoring Services

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