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The Best Way to Ensure Government Building Security

Government Buildings have been servicing the public since our Independence. Buildings that offer documentation such as licensing or citizenship have served as wonderful aids to communities all throughout America. They provide the documentation you need to do everyday things such as driving or applying for a job. These buildings are the main contributors in the growth of our nation by allowing more and more people to naturalize to the American life.

Live Surveillance Camera Monitoring for Police, Fire Stations & Other Municipal Buildings

Police and Fire stations are another massive part of the Government Building sector. They train and provide individuals to serve the people and save lives. Thousands of lives are saved every year by Firemen, Policemen and their Emergency teams. Prisons keep the public safe from heinous criminals by keeping them confined securely. Even smaller government buildings such as Libraries and Post Offices serve people on a daily basis. All buildings such as these that provide a service deserve the right remote video surveillance. Night Hawk Surveillance Camera Monitoring offers both our Surveillance systems and our live video monitoring services that are both perfect in this industry for keeping your employees and customers safe.


Night Hawk Monitoring has worked with a variety of buildings in the government industry. We have provided our Surveillance Systems for properties who have suffered from minor all the way to major felonious crimes. The customers that come to us with horror stories about their Government Buildings and the crimes they have suffered are the ones we take great care to note about. Night Hawk Monitoring has compiled all the many security problems you could possibly face as a property owner in the Government Building industry:

  • Theft – We catch thieves all throughout this industry and they strike without discrimination. Post Offices, Libraries and even Police Stations have fallen victim to theft sometimes ranging in the thousands of dollars. We have caught thieves trying countless times to break into the back of a local Post Office and steal valuable mail. People have items such as expensive jewelry and important documents circulating through Post Offices every day. That is exactly why many have come to Night Hawk Monitoring for our remote surveillance systems. We can catch the thieves on camera in the act and even report it to the local P.D. instantly if you have our live video monitoring service. This service provides your business with a constant set of eyes meaning we can transfer your video feed to our remote control station where our trained team of technicians work every day (even holidays).

  • Violence – Night Hawk Monitoring has installed many of our surveillance systems within prisons and Police Stations where potentially violent individuals are constantly in contact with one another. Inmates and even people locked up for the nights in the “Drunk Tank” have committed violent crimes while incarcerated with one another. Prison Gangs commit horrible murders using tools they create themselves. Most of these crimes go unpunished and leave the victims’ families heartbroken and without answers. Prisons especially deserve the best surveillance systems available and that is we can provide here at Night Hawk Monitoring.  We can go through the prison or other Government Building with our team of trained technicians and install top of the line surveillance systems that can catch any crime being committed night or day.

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