Retail Property Security Systems with Live Monitoring

Night Hawk Monitoring is responsible for securing many different types of properties. Shopping centers and strip malls seem to be a haven for criminal activity both during the day and after hours. There are several areas where our remote video surveillance monitoring service can benefit the tenant and guests in these shopping centers. First and foremost, the parking area, second, the shipping and receiving areas (which are often located at the rear of the property). And third, the roof (yes “the roof”).

Security Systems for Shopping PlazasParking Lot Safety

Monitoring a parking lot during the daytime, when a shopping plaza is open, and inviting shoppers onto the property can solve a number of security issues. Real-time remote video-monitored security systems can detect intruders that are attempting to break into cars and steal the contents of the vehicle. Intruders are known to sit and wait for a shopper to enter a store. Then, they open the car door or smash a window and take the contents.

When Night Hawk Monitoring observes this type of activity, we immediately notify an on-guard security office or the local police department. Monitoring the property at night prevents any unwanted guests from coming onto the property. Our remote video monitoring service recently observed a group of race cars entering one of our customer’s properties after hours. The subjects set up temporary cones in the shape of a race course. One of our monitoring agents called the local police department and had several officers dispatched to the shopping plaza. The individuals were trespassed and escorted off of the property before there was any damage or vandalism committed.

Our live video monitoring service can detect vandalism, unwanted homeless activity, or panhandling at the shopping center, which may deter potential shoppers and devalue the shopper’s experience.

Video Surveillance Systems for All Areas of Shopping Centers

The rear area of a shopping center or strip mall is generally the shipping and receiving area (where the store receives all of its goods). This area is frequently forgotten about and left unsecured when the original security plan is put into place.

Employee Safety

There is the potential for an intruder to enter a store or hold up an employee through the back door(s). Other types of criminal activity also take place at the rear of a shopping plaza or strip mall are vandalism, such as auto theft, and illegal dumping. When Night Hawk Monitoring is monitoring the rear area of a shopping center or strip mall remotely, we can detect this type of criminal activity and have the suspect or suspects apprehended before or during the crime.

Complete Commercial Security Systems Night Hawk Monitoring has pioneered the idea and concept of monitoring a building’s roof area for the purpose of security and loss prevention. We have had several customers in the past, that have experienced intruders entering through a roof hatch and or a hole that was made by the intruder to extract their product. Most of these break-ins went unnoticed and undetected by the burglar alarm system until the next day when the store’s staff opened the store. This mode of operation seems to be a growing trend with shopping centers, strip malls shopping malls, jewelry stores, and warehouses.

Another issue that has been solved by Night Hawk Monitoring’s remote video monitoring service on the roof at shopping plazas is the air conditioner and copper theft. Shopping centers and plazas have large stores and require large air conditioning units to cool the entire building. These units are mounted on the roof of the shopping center and are out of sight and out of mind of the normal patron of the shopping plaza.

We recently had a new customer call us and inform us that they had $100,000 in air conditioning units stolen from the roof of their retail store on two separate occasions (twice). The intruders also damaged the store’s brand-new $500,000 roof in the process, which had to be totally replaced. This was an issue that was easily solved by implementing our remote monitoring service in the shopping plaza. Our service fee was a small price to pay when the owner of the strip mall had already gone through this amount of loss.

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