Night Hawk Can Remotely Open/Secure Gates & doors

Gate Security Systems

Many businesses and residential communities use access entry systems for controlled doors and gates to allow employees or residents to enter a complex of facility. These doors and gates are often operated onsite by a security guard or some form of remote keypad.

Night Hawk Monitoring can open, close and lock these gates or doors offsite. In other words, we can do everything remotely that an onsite security guard can do, but for a fraction of the price. We use the latest security technology to keep track of “who, when and where” someone enters the property and also note when they leave. These extra steps insure safety for employees or residential areas. Special access can even be given to employees or residents for restricted areas and verified by video and voice confirmation through Night Hawk Monitoring’s control center.

Doors, point of entry and gates can all be controlled from a single remote location. Our facility is fully equipped to operate your current security equipment in commercial properties, apartment buildings and gated communities.  These locations often rely on keypads, telephone entry systems or expensive security guards. This type of security monitoring system often requires special attention to protect against malfunctions, while allowing unwanted visitors to enter without proper authorization. If you need access control for a small office building, a multi-gated residential community, or a university campus, Night Hawk Monitoring can tailor a solution to your needs by balancing capacity and capability.

Gate and Entry access control is an affordable way to manage who comes in and keep track of when they leave. This is done remotely from a secure offsite location. Access control has proven to be effective against theft, crimes and provides additional safety for everyone. Entry gates show you care about your business and you’re willing to protect it. Night Hawk Monitoring can integrate remote access control with existing solutions or offer consulting to build your own gate security system.

Together with our video monitoring services our gate access control service can deliver positive identification of onsite personnel and those awaiting access. Being able to control who comes in and leaves gives a whole new meaning to overnight deliveries and worker safety. If someone still manages to get past these extra security measures, we can simply lock a door or close a gate, effectively halting them from leaving without further intervention.

Benefits of Remote Access Control:

Improved response times, means less wait for your visitors

Advance technology allows Night Hawk Monitoring to control gates or doors instantly from any location. Multiple security personnel are on staff at all times (meaning all points of entry with be constantly monitored).

Precise record of who was on your property and when

We can keep track of names, visitor dates, time and provide access to this information if needed. When paired with video monitoring, Night Hawk can take a snapshot of a vehicle’s license plate and notate the make/model.


Reduced costs and liability over a security guard

No more guard means no more gatehouse, electric bill or paying for downtime. Night Hawk Monitoring remote access control secures entry points for a fraction of the cost when compared to a security guard.

Restricted access to certain employees and visitors

Business and residential communities can often have multi-tiered access to certain areas. Night Hawk will positively identify the person before granting access to restricted or off limit areas. Late night deliveries won’t be a problem anymore. We’ll let them in, lock up afterwards and even watch for any suspicious activity.

Combine Video Monitoring Service for the ultimate in security

By combining video monitoring and gate access control your property will be protected a full 360 degrees. Our security camera systems can be setup to monitor designated entryways or every square inch of a given area. We also offer huge discounts when bundling services.

Replace that Expensive Security Guard…

Another great benefit of having gates controlled remotely is reduced cost when compared to a security guard. This service can easily save you thousands a month when compared to traditional manned guard booths. While security guards can only monitor one entry at a time, Night Hawk Monitoring is capable of monitoring as many gates, doors and access points as your business has. Criminals and unwanted intruders often use gates or doors as point of entry, due to their easy access. During an attempted break in, Night Hawk Monitoring will alert first responders who will apprehend the suspect(s) and make sure they never tamper with your property again!

For the ultimate protection, we recommend using Remote Gate Control and our Remote Video Monitoring service together. This means your entire business will be protected from unwanted intruders and even employees with wrongful intentions. Our Security monitoring service uses CCTV cameras to pinpoint the incident and allows you to review it later using high quality DVR backup recordings. Combined these services are best suited for people who own or manage commercial real estate, hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums and offices complexes. Together these services have been a proven to maximize ROI or return on investment, by stopping crime before it happens.

Want to Get Better Protection and Save Money?

Run your business more efficiently with Night Hawk Monitoring’s access control service. The future of security is here now; we offer the solutions you need for any gate control matter. Just because you have a restricted entrance, does not mean you need a guard sitting around all day pushing a button. We can take control of your door and gate access, no matter where they’re located. Night Hawk Monitoring is the name you can trust when it comes to remote video security and remote access control. Contact one of our access control specialists today to see how much you can save. (844) 255-5903

** If you already own an access control system, Night Hawk monitoring in South Florida can integrate with your current system with no additional setup fees or startup costs.


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