Since the beginning of our dependence on motor vessels, gas stations have remained vulnerable to a higher rate of robberies than most other types of retail stores. However, with the advantage of gas station security cameras and surveillance monitoring, things are changing.

Gas Station Security Systems

How Does Live Surveillance Monitoring Improve Gas Station Security Systems?

Night Hawk Monitoring offers live remote monitoring services for gas station security cameras 24/7 – 365 days per year. Our security monitoring technicians are often aware of suspicious activity before criminals make their move. The second we suspect the possibility of any type of foul play, we contact the appropriate authorities immediately creating less time for the bad guys to act out a crime or to get away.  And what’s even better? If the criminal does get away, there is a better chance of tracking him down because no time is wasted due to the live monitoring. The police will have an advantage when notified immediately.

Whole Property Commercial Security

Not only does Night Hawk keep an eye on the inside of your store, but we will be watching outside as well. Our installers will plant security cameras throughout your entire property. We have the knowledge and experience to identify the exact locations inside and outside of your store where cameras are necessary to prevent crime.

Gas Station Cameras Will Also to Tackle Gas Pump Credit Card Theft

Gas station security camera systems are a great way to help fight the war on gas pump credit card skimming. Skimming is the act of hiding a device behind debit or credit card machines that expose card holders’ personal information to access accounts illegally.  With 24/7 live video surveillance monitoring, anyone tampering with gas pumps at your station will be reported instantly.

Ensure Employee and Customer Safety

Having a watchful eye on your gas station or convenience store will better protect your staff and customers from harm. Feeling less at risk of danger will also help improve your employee’s work performance. And if customers are aware of live security surveillance on the property, they may be more inclined to do business with your station as they will feel more comfortable and secure.


Reduce Employee Theft and Misconduct

When employees are aware that someone is watching them non-stop, they are less likely to take products without paying for them and more likely to become more punctual at clocking on and off on-time. You will probably also notice better employee performances./p>


We’ll Take Care of Everything

With Night Hawk Monitoring providing non-stop security surveillance monitoring, you can feel confident your gas station or convenience store is protected! Find out more about how we can get your store set up and ready to go with our remote security surveillance monitoring services. Our services are available worldwide. Call us today at 844-255-5903 or simply contact us online.

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